Today I learned that I didn’t “win” tickets in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert “lottery.” Ugh. So in sadness I’m re-posting my blog about all their Christmas concerts since 2001. I’m now at the mercy of friends, strangers, or whoever who might have a ticket to spare. (sigh)

The baby aspirin years

I admit it. I’m shamelessly in love with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So much that I’m this close (I’m holding my thumb and index finger together with only a cm of space in between) to having a restraining order slapped on me.

MoTab. Growing up my mom had the whole catalog of the choir’s LPs and cassettes and she played them all the time. So when I hear the choir sing, Climb Every Mountain or The Impossible Dream, I’m walking down memory lane and feeling the warmth pumpkin pie and mac and cheese give me. And though they’ve had a following for decades, it wasn’t until the turn of this last century that the choir raised to new heights of talent and repertoire thanks to conductors Craig Jessop and the world-renowned composer and arranger Mack Wilberg. (See Betelehemu) Total stalk-worthy, in my opinion.

When I moved to…

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