The Baby Aspirin Years is a collection of blog posts about travel, love and finding my place in the world in the post-40 years.  Even though I’m middle aged, I don’t feel that old.  I like to think that I’m too young to be wearing readers and taking baby aspirin each day.

By day I’m a Corporate slave but by night I plot out adventures around the world with my husband and I take travel and time away from the office seriously.

Don’t get between me and my passport. I’ll have to hurt you.

I have two blogs.  This one and The Accidental Birder, where I blog regularly about birding and the birding adventures my husband and I take abroad.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very good blog! Thank you for reading and the “Like” of my post.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I tried sending you my previous trip report and for some reason the email address provided failed to deliver the message?any idea why?thank.Joseph

    • Hi Joseph. It looks like it came through, as I got it. You saw so many birds! Be sure to check out my other blog, The Accidental Birder. We’re in Panama right now birding and I’ll be reporting in at that blog. You can get to it easily from this blog by clicking the menu tab above.

  3. Hi Lisa!Looks like you were really spoiled by the stunning beauty of the Hummingbirds!!!57 species in Panama?impressive!how many species did you managed to pocket?. Your list is great!look like it was a real birding expedition!!Kudos.The Southern Ground Hornbill photo I took
    using my friends picture which was a cannon, but I can’t give you the lens description with accuracy for now!it was really close range though!just lucky. Have a safe flight back home.

    Birding Joe

    • Hi Birding Joe,

      Our total number of species pocketed was 315 and 209 of those were lifers for us. Who knows? Maybe next year we’ll end up in Kenya? (We’re also scuba divers.) Great to keep in touch!


  4. This is a beautifully-written blog. Your dedication to travel is super inspirational, your stories about how you met your husband are lovely – I really do feel like I’m reading a fairytale at times. And I love birds. 🙂

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