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Aaaaaaand, I’m back.

Yeah, it’s been a month since you’ve heard from me. So sorry about that. But I have a great reason. This:

Bad shoulder.

I injured my rotator cuff as a result of going to the gym. See? Nothing good can come from being fit. Anyway, I had to cool it on the blogging at night. The only typing on my laptop I managed to do was for my day job. The rest of the time? I was doing physical therapy. And traveling for work. And spending long days in meetings.

But I did manage to get out. For instance, I traveled to Orlando for work and stayed at the Peabody Hotel where they have resident ducks, which is cool because you know I love ducks. Birders like ducks and it’s even better when they are at your hotel walking on a red carpet.

Peabody Ducks Orlando

And they’re carved out of soap.

Peabody ducks soap

But more impressive than the ducks was the super cool television in the bathroom mirror.

TV in mirror

Yes, I’m also charitable. Really.

My monthly rendezvous with Steve was in Calgary where I was convinced I could stay away from Tim Hortons this time, but when I saw that they were selling charity doughnuts (all proceeds going to help Calgary flood victims), the benevolent side of me said I had to help out. It’s for chaaarity, guys!Alberta Rose Donut

After our extraordinary charitable efforts we geeked out at the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, AB

And then there was a road trip

Once upon a time, right before I got married my mom lived with me for a couple of years. She’s a pretty good roommate and she’s fun to go to movies with. Plus, she generally has a stash of candy somewhere in the house and I always find out where it is. Since Steve lives in another country and I have no candy around I thought it would be a good idea to invite mom to come back to be my roommate. So, I flew to Portland and she picked me up at the airport and we drove to Utah in two days, stopping at Multnomah Falls and as we entered Utah I learned that Utah really is Life Elevated. Or at least the sign is.

Multnomah Falls IMG_3747

Looking to August

After my month-long sabbatical from blogging (combined with some grueling physical therapy) I’m ready to get back on the wagon with the blogging and I have another couple of adventures in Calgary planned. And in September you can look forward to my mom and I tearing it up in Las Vegas.