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I’m rather lucky. My next door neighbor is a cemetery. And yes, as the saying goes, they make quiet neighbors.

A few days ago I noticed that they were preparing for the Memorial holiday weekend. This year they have a Field of Honor recognizing those who had given their lives in time of war. I’d say, as far as cemeteries go, the little one we have next door sure knows how to dress it up for Memorial Day.

Every year at this time my husband and I also have the pleasure of hearing bagpipes throughout Memorial Weekend, as the cemetery has pipers queued up every hour. We keep the doors and windows open so the sound of the pipes waft through our home. Or as Steve did today, sit out on the deck and review some paperwork while listening to the pipes.

We love bagpipes for a variety of reasons.  We met in Scotland, the land of bagpipes, and we had bagpipes on our wedding day (natch), so having three full days of pipes as we listen on our back deck is a treat, especially when they play Scotland the Brave (Steve’s regiment song from his Royal Canadian Army days) and Highland Cathedral–both which were played on our wedding day.

Oh, and I’ll throw in here that I just adore the movie, Brigadoon.

But on Monday we pause and not think of our wedding day or our romantic rendezvous in Scotland or even a Gene Kelly movie.  We reflect on the memory of all of those who have fought for freedom and died for us–whether American or Canadian.

See? We wave both flags in front of our home.