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A quick post about juicing.

Yes, we got a juicer. Steve bought it for me for our wedding anniversary last month.

Breville Juicer

So far, this is my favorite drink.

Green drink

Kale, cucumber, green apple, celery and ginger. Steve makes it for me in the morning before work and when I come downstairs it smells like he’s mowed the lawn in the kitchen. (I love that smell.)

And this is my second-favorite drink (a close runner up):

Carrot, orange and ginger (with 1/2 lemon).

Am I healthier? I’m ashamed to say, “not really.” Somehow I’ve got to quit the habit of buying Pop Tarts from the vending machine at work around 2:00.

I kind of feel like those people I’ve seen smoking outside the gym after a workout. I’m just like them.

Oh, for Pete’s sake. (sigh)