For those of you following both my blogs this is also posted at the Accidental Birder blog. For those of you only following this blog this will update you on our day yesterday in Certo Punta. Enjoy!

The Accidental Birder

It was a big day of birding today. We had breakfast at 6:30 then met our guide, Ito, and headed just up the road past where we are staying to the cabins, also owned by Los Quetzales Lodge. We took Ito’s truck since our little Hyundai SUV hybrid couldn’t make it on the treacherous road going up the mountain.

I have to say this was probably the worst road I’d ever been on. Ito took it very slowly and thank goodness he did. I thought we just might not make it out of there in one piece. It was a rocky ride both up and down.

Would love to give more details and be able to edit and post some more photos but we have a 5:30 start in the morning and I’m going to have to call it an early night.

Buenos noches everyone.
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