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That headline is really just trying to be punny.

The post about my hair seemed to get everyone into a tither. But I warn you: It’s tough to top that one.

Speaking of topping, because I’ve struggled with my hair, I turned to hats. And bandanas. Anything to remove hair out of the picture, and out of my face.

I’ve always had a fascination with hats. My earliest memory of hats is this awful picture from my fifth birthday.

Mom says she made these “hats” by following instructions out of a magazine. I’m suspect about what magazine she was consulting. I showed this photo to a friend a number of years ago and she asked, “Why are you wearing your underwear on your head?” (sigh) I didn’t know any different. It was a “hat,” I was having a party, and I thought it was normal. (My mom and I have laughed about it since and I promised her I wouldn’t write a book ala “Mommy Dearest,” in exchange for her to never attempt at making me a party hat again. I loved that tambourine, though.)

In high school I enrolled in a marketing class and one of our projects was to create a “store” in a mall and we had to create a marketing plan. My store was a hat store. Of course I did no market research that would have told me no one was buying hats in 1982. Unless you were Devo, of course.

My most expensive hat is this Helen Kaminski hat given to me as a thank-you gift after being a keynote speaker at a previous employer’s Worldwide Sales Meeting circa 1998. I’m so fond of this hat and still keep it in its box and bring it out for special occasions.

This next hat I actually made for one of the Gatsby Summer Afternoon events I attended in San Francisco Bay Area. I regularly attended this event sponsored by the San Francisco Art Deco Society. While making it I was trying to stretch it and didn’t realize it really is one ribbon all sewn together and it fell apart in my hands. I frantically sewed it all back together and you would never know by this picture it was previously in shreds. I’m so proud of this hat.

I don’t know about this next hat. I think I found myself without my hat at Bryce Canyon National Park and so I got this at the gift shop. I look like a dork. Totally doesn’t fit over all my hair.

And to shield the sun when birding, here are my adventure hats. Okay, just a regular hat I got at REI and a baseball cap.

At Lake Louise, Banff

At Waterton Lake National Park in Alberta

At Tikal in Guatemala

This next hat is my go-to winter weather hat. Thank you Lands End for making the perfect polar fleece hat!

At Grand Canyon in December

San Francisco

Just outside Calgary, Alberta

At Zion National Park only hours before I broke my leg. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Here’s another favorite hat. I bought this at a little shop in Carmel, California. It’s velvet and I always get compliments on it.

When traveling I always take a stack of bandanas too. I learned early on, especially when visiting tropical humid climates, it’s better to not have to worry about the hair. They are a complete lifesaver.

Believe it or not, this is the photo we slipped in with our wedding invitations. I was told I was brave. I just didn't want a "posed" photo with matching outfits. We were having so much fun here.

We’re leaving for Panama very soon. Look forward to lots and lots of pictures with me in bandanas. It’s how I roll these days.