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Yes. It makes a big difference if you have someone to love for Valentine’s Day. For me, I used to hate the day.  I’d wear black. But I was single then and really had no hope to ever spend Valentine’s Day with anyone.

But today I’m wearing red and I woke my husband up by playing “Valentine” by Martina McBride and Jim Brickman. I made coconut creme brûlée last night (which we’ll be eating tonight) and Steve and I will be making dinner together this evening–Tacos!  Yes, tacos.  That’s because it’s the only thing we can cook together in the kitchen and I won’t get all crazy on him when he tries to “improvise.”  You can improvise tacos.  I’m okay with that. They’re fun and who’s not happy when they make tacos?

I also love this photo.

Meerkats (Though I want to hum that tune "Muskrat Love.")

It reminds me of Steve and I.  I shot this at the zoo in Sydney Australia last year.  Steve and I are meerkats.  (Except we’re much more faithful than meerkats and we don’t have all the drama meerkats have.)  Okay, maybe we’re not meerkats.  But they’re cute and I like to think we’re that cute too.

I know, you’re rolling your eyes or sticking your finger in your mouth and making that gagging noise. But I’m not going to apologize for it.  There are too many horrible things going on in this world right now and I can’t help it if I just want to cling on to a little lovely dovey moment.

Plus, I can’t wait for the tacos tonight.